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IU reveals Big Bang TaeYang as ideal guy during fan meeting

Teenage singer IU reveals that her ideal type of guy to be Big Bang TaeYang during her meeting with fans on GomTV fanmeeting program O4U.

She was asked during the fanmeeting about which idol is her ideal type of guy and she said, “A guy with smiling eyes and dimples” and picked TaeYang. The MC asked her, “Does TaeYang know this too?” and IU replied, “TaeYang seonbaenim knows too. He encourages me to work hard.”

During the fanmeeting, IU did fanservices like doing voice impersonation and dance. She was seen impersonating Park JungHyun’s voice and also dancing to a small part of 2PM’s ‘Heartbeat’.

About 9,000 fans tuned into the fanmeeting aired on 26th November at 9pm on GomTV.

This was from earlier:


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