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Lee HongKi, “If there is a season 2 to You’re Beautiful, I must participate in it”

FT Island member Lee HongKi expressed his reluctance with SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ coming to an end.

Lee HongKi has participated in the drama as an actor, he said, “But still because the story is about idol group, it was comfortable acting in the drama. In the future, I want to be a better actor in front of TV viewers, I want to try the role of a villian.”

Lee HongKi’s role as A.N.JELL Jeremy in the drama has received much love from viewesr. And in real life, many Lee HongKi fans have also visited him during his filming. He said, “Drama and FT Island fans would bring samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) and seolleongtang to show support. It was really conforting and encouraging. Thank you.”

There was an impressionable episode aired on the 19th November in the drama where HongKi has sung the song ‘Really Good Words’ while doing a crying scene as pointed out by viewers. The song is actually one of the award-winning songs for 2007 MBC Creative Children Folk Songs Festival.

Lee HongKi said, “Director Hong had looked at the script and told me to just act it comfortably according to my emotions. I had really teared during the filming for this scene. I was shocked that many netizens and TV viewers have been talking about it on the internet too.”

Being hailed as the atmosphere-maker of the team, HongKi recalls spending mid-autumn with the staff previously, “The atmosphere for the drama is really good and it makes it enjoyable. And if there is a 2nd season to ‘You’re Beautiful’, I want to participate again even if it is not Jeremy’s role and just a cameo appearance. And also I want to try make A.N.JELL an idol group not just in the drama but in real life.”

Meanwhile, the drama will come to an end with its 16th episode on 26th November.


On the side note, a poll was done recently on which couple the netizens wish to see at the end of ‘You’re Beautiful’. 11,560 netizens voted, and the results show:

  • Kang ShinWoo-Go MiNam (48.1% – 5,563) – Yeah!
  • Hwang TaeKyung-Go MiNam (43.0% – 4,971)
  • Jeremy-Go MiNam (856)
  • Hwang TaeKyung-Yoo HyeYi (170)

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