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Lee Joon had fallen during last performance before being confirmed of swine flu

Much attention has been focused on MBLAQ Lee Joon’s last performance on stage before he was confirmed of swine flu.

He was confirmed of the flu on 25th November, and his last performance before that was on 2009 Hope Sharing Concert on 23rd November. During the group’s performance of ‘Oh Yeah’, he had fell down while delivering the choreography. He was also seen looking very pale and unwell. But he still continued to perform till the end of the song, and was helped down the stage by the other members.

A staff for KBS Drama ‘Super Junior’s Miracle’ revealed that Lee Joon has insisted and continued with the filming of the show even though he was not feeling well. The other filming staff has persuaded him to rest but he has walked over to the filming set to finish the filming. This has reminded them of how Rain, during his early-debut days, got off his car in the middle of traffic jam to run to the filming set to start filming on time.

Meanwhile, both Lee Joon and Thunder, who are down with swine flu, are currently resting after being given Tamiflu. They will not be appearing on broadcast shows for the time being.


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