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Park Jin Young reveals the poster to ‘2009 Naughty Party’ concert

Park Jin Young reveals the poster for his year-end ‘Naughty Party’ concert. Previously,Park Jin Young has achieved record-high ticket sales for his ‘Naughty Party’ concert in 2007 and 2008. It is a year-end annual concert known to bring audience performances in the form of fantasy and story.

The title for this 3-show concert this year will be ‘Naughty Party – Heartless, Now there is no love…’, and the poster revealed will once again gain the attention of audience and netizens.

In the poster, Park Jin Young is featured sitting on the sofa playing on the piano and making music not caring about the 2 female models around him. The while, black and purple colours blends with Park Jin Young’s features to give an unique feeling of loneliness.

A JYP Entertainment staff revealed that Park Jin Young has been working out and busy preparing for the concert to bring the best performances to audiences at the concert.


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