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T-ara to reveal 1st full length album with MV teaser on 27th November

T-ara will be revealing their first full length album.

Debuting with the song ‘Lies’ previously in July and then moving on to release ‘TTL (Time To Love)’ and ‘TTL Listen.2′, collaborations with Supernova, the group continues to receive much love as newcomers. The song ‘TTL’ has also gone up to the #1 spot on 8 music charts previously.

With that, the group will be revealing their 1st full length album coming 27th November, a week earlier than the planned reveal date.

The composers to the songs for the group’s 1st album will be Bang ShiHyuk, Shin SaDong Horangee who also did the girls’ previous hits like ‘Lies’ and ‘TTL’.

Some of the songs include dance song ‘Like The First Time’ by Bang ShiHyuk, who also did Baek Ji Young ‘Like Being Hit’, 8eight’s ‘Without A Heart’ etc; and trendy dance song ‘Bo peep Bo peep’ by Shin SaDong Horangee, who did 4Minute’s ‘Hot Issue’ and ‘Muzik’.

The MV teaser to the 2 songs will be revealed with the whole album on 27th November.

The album is set to sold in stores on 4th December.

Other concept photos:

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