SS501 Kim HyunJoong, “I want to try the role of a psychopath

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong talks about the ‘greed’ for strong character role in acting.

He was on KBS Happy Together on 26th November when he revealed, “After Boys Over Flowers, there are many proposals coming in for me to appear in movies and dramas. But I want to try a role of a psycho.”

He continued, “I can also do the role as a dumb person, and try the role as a murderer. Actually my personality is not that of a prince. But I thought I have to keep the balance between the role and my personality during acting.”

He also talks about his ideal type of woman – Lee Hyori and her kiss performance with TOP during MKMF last year.

He recalled, “I was thinking why they have to do it on the forehead and then on the lips for the ad lib.” and when asked “Did you change your ideal type of woman after that?”, he answered no.

The 2 met during the filming of Sunday Night Family Outing, and he revealed his afterthoughts, “See her features after the makeup was washed off, I thought ‘Noona aged a little from the past’.”


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