Designer Andre Kim and 2PM TaecYeon are lookalikes?

Designer Andre Kim looks alike to 2PM TaecYeon?

Andre Kim was featured on KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ on 28th November when he was asked ‘Do you know 2PM?’ and he reveals that he knows the group with the answer ‘JaeBummie‘.

After that, Andre Kim got a shock hearing that he look alike to 2PM TaecYeon. It was referring to when he was younger, he looked alike to TaecYeon, and he said, “It’s my honour.”

And on the show, a photo comparing the 2 was shown as evidence of their resemblance.

Andre Kim addressed 2PM on the show, “If you can come look for me, it would be great if we have the chance to do special appearance on fashion show.”

Watch it at about 3:00

Here’s when Andre Kim was young

Ehh..?? O_o


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