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Cyworld update – Ivy’s minihompy most visited with 840K hits in just 1 week

In just 1 week last week, Ivy’s minihompy has attracted over 840K visitors.

This was due to her special sexy performance with 2PM Nich Khun during 2009 MAMA, which was the talk of Kpop town. But now Ivy has closed down most of the menus to her minihompy like photobook and diary. But Ivy has stated that she did not close it down due to the 2PM fans in her recent interview.

Also go under the cut to see which Kpop song went up to the #1 spot on Cyworld minihompy background music.

Visitor hits for the past 1 week

  1. Ivy
  2. Jang WooYoung
  3. Ahn JungHwan
  4. Defconn
  5. Shin SaeKyung
  6. Jo Kwon
  7. Dave
  8. Park ShinHye
  9. Lee Teuk
  10. Kim JunSu

Ranked 3rd is wife of soccer player Ahn JungHwan, she was one of the hot issue amongst netizens after she posted up the post ‘Now I know why people chose death’ after she was introduced as the wife of soccer player Ahn JungHwan and also the one who showcases the plastic surgery standards of Korea in one of the news articles posted up on Chinese news ite recently on 24th November.

Background music chart:

  1. CL, MinJi ‘Please Don’t Go’
  2. 2PM ‘Heartbeat’
  3. Baek Ji Young ‘Don’t Forget’
  4. Park Bom ‘You and I’
  5. Hwayobi ‘Anaesthesia’
  6. 1sagain ‘Last Christmas’
  7. December ‘Love is so’
  8. Freestyle ‘Hot Christmas’
  9. After School ‘Because Of You’
  10. Kim TaeWoo ‘Dream’



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