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Marco, “I will be changing nationality next year”


Marco, already popular in Korea from the many shows and programs, is setting out to officially change his country status.

Marco had stated that he will be changing his official nationality to Korea in a recent interview with IS Daily Sports. He also revealed that he had tried doing this 3 years ago, but was denied because he didn’t fulfill the residency time period then. Now, 3 years later, he is trying to change his nationality once again.

Currently, Marco’s citizenship is set on Argentina. His Argentinian name is Lee Marcos Benjamin, and since his mother had her citizenship in Argentina, as soon as he was born, his citizenship was also automatically set to Argentina. In 1999, whenMarco first stepped on Korea, he said “My brother and sister is married and living in Argentina. I want to live as a Korean.”

He even added his love life into the mix by saying, “I will marry in Korea as well. If I met someone I wanted to marry, then I could marry right now. I want to live with someone I fall in love with just by eye contact.”


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