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Park Jin Young releases new album ‘Sad Freedom’ after 2 years

JYP Park Jin Young will comeback as a singer releasing an album after 2 years.

He revealed his new album ‘Sad Freedom’ on 1st December both on and offline. This is his new album 2 years after his 7th album ‘Back to stage’ released in 2007.

The intro to the album is ‘Sad Freedom’, and it talks about the hurt and the loneliness felt after hating loneliness but yet not wanting to fall in love and causing hurt on anyone and ending, and hence living in the “sad” freedom alone.

This albums includes 3 sad songs talking about his feelings about love having living as a singer, producer, CEO for the past 15 years since his singer debut in 1994. The title song to the album is ‘No Love No More’.

He is also the producer which made Wonder Girls‘ achievement going up on #76 on Billboard chart with the song ‘Nobody’ happen.

c: Newsen


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