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“I’m back”, Ivy reopens her minihompy!

After closing her minihompy last week on 23rd November, Ivy reopens her minihompyon 30th November.

She also wrote a message on the main page to her minihompy, “Hello this is Ivy. I’m back”. She also posted up new photos of herself on the minihompy.

Go under the cut for more.

Previously when she closed down her minihompy shortly after her sexy joint performance with 2PM Nich Khun on 2009 MAMA, everyone thought that she has done so because of all the bashing she has been receiving on her minihompy for the performance.

But she came out to clarify that fans of 2PM/Nich Khun was not the reason why she closed down the minihompy.

She reopened her minihompy on 30th November and also posted up new photos of herself.

Meanwhile, here are some of the pictures drawn by fans of Ivy herself, posted up on her minihompy.



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