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2PM Nich Khun rocking pink and lace!

Photo Of The Day! A set of photos taken during 2PM’s recent CF filming shows member Nich Khun rocking pink and lacy style.

The set of photos has also caught the attention of netizens. Guess what they have to say about the photos.

Nich Khun

The rest of the photos at the filming site

Netizens say:

  • “Why is the Corby phone staff doing this to the boys? ㅠ”
  • “It’s alright, because this is Nich Khun^^”
  • “The thing that caught my eyes is the clothes the women standing around Nich Khun is wearing. I don’t like them”
  • “Not nice, Nich Khun”
  • “He’s prettier than me and I’m a girl”
  • “He looks good in whatever. He’s just goodlooking”

I don’t like it. What are they doing to my boys?? This is just isn’t right.



2 Responses

  1. wow!!!diz guy,whatever they did,they’re still cute in my eyes…i become love 2pm more and more!and KhuN looks cuter and cuter because of his outfit..hahaha

  2. Not a good look Nichkhun. Which is surprising cause he usually looks good. But not in this pink lace thing, never again. Please never do this again

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