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Hottests’ flash mob video for 2PM JaeBum selected as the Video Of The Year by Youtube!

A flash mob video done by 2PM fans wishing for JaeBum to return to the group released earlier in September has been chosen as the video of the year.

YouTube will be introducing the ‘2009 Korea Video of The Year’ on its main page from the 2nd till 3rd December.

The video was uploaded on 20th September and it has till date attracted over 310K views, and has been chosen as the video of the year. JaeBum has left the group and also Korea that month after a MySpace controversy was blown out of proportion.

Other than that, a guy’s dance cover of Rain’s ‘Rainism’ in the subway in the video known as ‘Subway Rainism’ and also the video of 13-year-old guitarist Jung SeongHa singing ‘Missing You – SungHa Jung’ were also chosen as the videos of the year.

The videos (10 in total) were chosen based on being the trend and issue of the society in the past 1 year based on terms of societal, political and cultural.

Hottests jjang~!^^


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