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Watch out for new girlgroup Nia, hailed as the ‘2nd Brown Eyed Girls’

Hip hop producer singer MC HanSai (MC한새) reveals upcoming female group Nia, who are also called the ‘2nd Brown Eyed Girls’.

MC HanSai’s agency BCR Media said on the 2nd, “MC HanSai is the main producer for Nia’s new single album.”

The group gained much attention in the indie scene earlier this year in April when they released their single ‘My Everything’ and was promoting in the HongDae region. They were also called the ‘2nd Brown Eyed Girls‘.

Go under the cut to know about this group.

More about Nia:

  • Leader/Drummer – Sso Ji (써지)
  • Bass – Choi YeongShin (최영신)
  • Vocal – Jeon SoYeon (전소연)
  • Guitarist – Hwang BoNare (황보나래)

BCR Media said, “Even though the group has been misunderstood as the ’singers without a face’ they want to show their music capabilities and gain acknowledgement for that. This is similar to that of Brown Eyed Girls when they first started out.”

The group will be revealing a new title song ‘Goodbye’ with 2 versions ‘Song version’ and ‘Rap version’ on 2nd December.

Their song ‘My Everything’ released in April

This is not the first group that MC HanSai has produced, he also produced for the group Orange under which 4Minute Kwon SoHyun used to be under, and also boygroup DNT.



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