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Eun JiWon to comeback with 5th album after 4 years

‘Eun Elementary Student’ Eun JiWon will be coming back into the Kpop scene with his 5th album.

Coming 10th December, he will be releasing his 5th album ‘Platonic’. While all this while, he has been releasing single albums, Eun JiWon will be releasing a full length album this time 4 years after his 4th album ‘The 2nd Round’ released in February 2005.

The title song to the album will be an electronic hip hop number ‘Siren’. Eun JiWon also said that it will be a dance hiphop song and he will be showing his signature point-dance.

The album will include 11 songs, and Eun JiWon has taken part in the lyrics and composition for all the song. The album also features both under and overground artistes like Tiger JK, Lee SooGeun, Mr Typhoon, GilMi, NolBoo.



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