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Netizens take interests in 2PM members’ graduation photos

Netizens have recently been taking interests in idol group 2PM members’ graduation photos.

2PM has been the hot topic amongst music fans for their successful comeback with their official 1st album, which had them winning the #1 spot on Music Bank on 27th November and on Inkigayo on 29th November.

With that, some netizens have been posting up photos of the 2PM members when they were students on various portal sites. The members have all looked young and cute, very much different from how they look like now.

Netizens said, “They look very cute when they were young, but not much different from now”, “So all the members are so goodlooking from young” etc


Other netizens’ comments:

  • “Thank you reporter for including photos of all 7 members”
  • “Hello JaeBum”
  • “See, JYP don’t give its singers plastic surgery” – LOL
  • “Even though they don’t look very different, they look fresher back then”
  • “I like this reporter”

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