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Park ShinHye feeling lonely after ‘You’re Beautiful’?

Actress Park ShinHye talks about her unwillingness with the end of SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’.

She wrote in the her diary on her minihompy on 2nd December, “Why….is it like that. When one ends, it seems like all has ended…You and I, we are not the end…But it feels like you and I, we are coming to an end for good…”

“That you are not for me…that feeling…that emptiness….that loneliness…I’m feeling tired today again. Let’s smile now. Let’s smile. Only good thoughts…Only good thoughts…It was a good ending…Why am I like that…Why…Maybe I cannot send you off like that. Why…I keep having those strange feeling of awaiting”

She ended off with “I should think positive. Fly high!”

Meanwhile, ‘You’re Beautiful’ came to its last episode aired on 26th November.


At first, I thought are for someone. *cough*JangGeunSeok*cough


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