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T-ara HyoMin casted for musical ‘Really Really Like You’

T-ara HyoMin has been casted for musical ‘Really Really Like You’ alongside with musical diva Park HaeMi, actress Shin AeRa, Oh JungHae etc.

The musical was a sold-out one in 2008 receiving standing ovations for its shows, and it is back with new features. There will be various stars featured on the musical this time like Park HaeMi, Shin AeRa, Oh JungHae, Park SangMyun, Byun WooMin and also T-ara HyoMin.

HyoMin will be performing various genres of songs – from dance to ballad – like Lee JiHyun’s ‘Stop the Wind’, Geon AhDeul’s ‘Young Smile’ and Hye EunEe’s ‘Really Really Like You’.

HyoMin also joined the practice sessions for the musical recently, “Even though I have my worries about whether I can carry out the 7080 songs, I adapted well fast with the rearranged remake melodies by teacher Shin HaeCheol. This musical will be a great performance experience for me.”

The musical will go on from 28th November all the way till next year 1st March.



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