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XING Entertainment to unleash group XING 5th Generation

Remember group XING?

Debuted in 2006 as 4 members, then the group went through many tough times with members leaving and joining – member count was from 4 to 5 to 7 to 6 and then to 8 the last time the group released an album.

Recently XING Entertainment revealed on its official homepage a teaser video to group XING 5th Generation now with 5 members.

Go under the cut to find out more.

A brief history of XING:

  • XING debuts in 2006 as 4-member group (Marumir/Kim KiBum, Kevin, Yume, Cheon HyeSung)
  • In July 2007, Marumir left the group. 2 new members Poppin’ Dragon and ZEN joined. XING released 2nd single as a 5-member group
  • But in September 2007, Cheon HyeSung left the group abruptly. Later in January 2008, Yume also left the group – both without the official statement from the company. In the same month, Poppin’ Dragon also left the group.
  • 4 members of group ‘Singing in the Rain’ and 1 new member joined the remaining members Kevin and Zen to make it a 7-member group. The group released a digital single in 2008. After the release of this single, Kevin, the only original member of XING decided to depart from the group to make it a 6-member group.
  • Xing Entertainment announced that XING will be a project group with change of members frequently.
  • 2 new members InJoon and HyunCheol joined the group making it 8-member and the group released a digital single ‘Xing Opera – Hi-Five’ in June 2009.

What happened to the members who left:

  • Kevin and Kim KiBum joined the group UKiss in 2008
  • The members filed and won against XING Entertainment in a law suit for what is criticised as ’slave contract’ where the members were restricted of their economic activity freedom to an extreme extent.
  • Poppin’ Dragon joined a new rookie boy group called BEAST in October 2009 and is known as JunHyung now.

What’s coming up:

  • XING 5th Generation

XING Entertainment revealed a teaser video about the upcoming profile of the project group XING 5th Generation.

The group also performed the song ‘Mesmorize’ during a public performance on 1st December.


2 Responses

  1. its okay xing, i will support you guys owez.. XING, HWAITING…

  2. Umm, im from malaysia but korea was the most important think in my life that i have to learn.. because, maybe someday i can meet you guys at there and im christian too.. so i realy2 love you guys.. please reply my comment, pppleeaassee..

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