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WonderGirls SunMi’s sexy performance of ‘Umbrella’ for Shanghai concert gets netizens talking

A solo performance by WonderGirls member SunMi doing Rihanna ‘Umbrella’ during the group’s ShangHai concert recently has been the talk amongst netizens.

SunMi showed off the sexy side of her with a great dance performance of the song in a sexy outfit, even though it was known that she has injured her ankle.

Go under the cut for more!

Netizens say:

  • “She hurt her ankle and yet she went on stage to perform.. really pretty”
  • “Sunmi is really good looking, and her vocals are really up to standard too.. plus she has a good personality”
  • “She’s not the main vocal and yet she sings so well”
  • “Umm.. well.. hmmm..”
  • “Goddess”
  • “Is that live? oh~ she sings well.. and her danc is so powerful too”

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