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The prestigious pasts of group 2PM’s members are slowly being revealed.

Through cabel channel MBC’s Everyone ‘Star the Secret,’ the pasts of Taecyeon, Junsu, and Wooyoung will be revealing their prestigious pasts.

Known for his manly charisma and also chosen as the nunas of Korea’s #1 perfect man, Taecyeon also has a past to reveal?

Having immigrated to America during elementary school, it has been revealed that Taecyeon participated in a variety of activities throughout his school career such as chess club, jazz club, track, and soccer along with the study of 4 different languages including English, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese. He is what is known in Korea as ‘Um Chin Ah’ (“The son of your mother’s friend” – the kid average students get compared to, the kid your mom screams at you to be more like).

After coming to Korea through JYP’s auditions, he did not train as a singer first but as a model and actor. The broadcast will reveal the backstory behind his first advertisement filming as a 19 year old CF model.

He also displayed a different type of charm as a musical actor at the start of his career, soon to be revealed on ‘Star the Secret.’



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