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Koyote Bbaek Ga diagnosed with brain cancer, member ShinJi’s message before surgery

Ahead of his surgery after being diagnosed with brain cancer, Koyote member Bbaek Ga gets an encouraging message from fellow member ShinJi.

ShinJi wrote on her minihompy on 10th December, “Just now your voice, that voice which sounds like it wasn’t a big deal, that you will worry about me before yourself, the unusually calm and tough voice. I’m really heartbroken and tired. It hurts me that I’m like no one to you, if you are not feeling well why do you keep that as a secret from just me, why? You said you are fine, and you promised that you will be fine. That voice of yours just now during our conversation rips my heart.”

She continued, “You are the one I share the hardship with the most in the world. You are also the one who treasure me and protect me the most, I believe in you. The kind one who is probably really in pain and tired, and still thinks about me before yourself…”

Meanwhile, Bbaek Ga was diagnosed of brain cancer on 9th December. He is currently serving his military service.

Get well soon~!!


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