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Yang HyunSeok’s full official stand on GDragon’s solo concert controversies

YG Entertainment reveals their official stand on GDragon’s solo concert controversies.

GDragon previously held his solo concert on 6th December and during the concert he was seen performing with a female dancer on a bed. And the performance was criticised as to have violated the Youth Protection Act under the Health and Family Welfare association.

YG representative Yang Hyun Seok released a report on 11th December saying, “We found out through internet news articles yesterday that part of GDragon’s solo concert has violated the Youth Protection Act and investigations are under the way on charges of obscenity for the performances.”

He continued, “Even thought it is often said that it is the singer’s dream to draw controversies for their concert stages, it is in fact a form of pressure for them. The singer has to put up the whole show by himself for 2 hours and 30 minutes, different from their routine 1~2 songs on TV and broadcast, furthermore there is the greed and pressure from the company to want to show the audience a variety of performances.”

But YG also expressed responsibility for the controversies, “As a company who should be more careful and cautious about the influence it will have on the youths of the mass music market, I would like to apologise, as 1 person responsible for the performances and operations of the concert, for all the criticisms and debates cooked up by the performances.”

“Like the saying ‘Where there is smoke, there is fire’ goes, I have no intentions to avoid the responsibilities for the criticisms from YG. YG will take all legal responsibilities of the problematic concert performances parts brought up by the Health and Family Welfare associations.”

He ended with, “As proposed by the Health and Family Welfare associations, we will take out or edit the problematic part of the performances from the GDragon’s concert performance DVD set to released next February. Once again, I would like to sincerely apologise for the worry caused, we will work hard to avoid such controversies again. Thank You.”

c: Newsen

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