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KARA Nicole expresses sadness on 2PM JaeBum’s situation

Popular group KARA member Nicole’s mention of 2PM’s Jaebum Park grabbed the attention of the public.

On MNET’s “Nicole’s Introduction to Veterinary Training’ that aired on the 10th, a debate was shared in Nicole’s critical thinking and discussion lecture on the ‘Jaebumsituation’.

Nicole said, “There are times between friends and netizens where things are mistaken. Sometimes people forget how much more powerful words can be than actions in leaving deep scars and wounds.”

Continuing, Nicole said, “Since we are public figures, as celebrities we want to receive love [from the general public/fans]. We pretend as if we don’t care, but there are lots of times when we hurt behind the cameras. I still remember the harsh words that were posted when we debuted. I even remember the ID of the person who posted it. The ability of words and its powerful effect is sometimes forgotten,” confessing her disappointment in such things.

The debate that continued that day states, “Humans need to express themselves, celebrities are human and thus it would be nice if once in a while netizens took a step back and allowed some space for these celebrities was what the group concluded.

c: Nate news; tvxqbuzz7921@2OD

She seemed uncomfortable the whole time and was almost to tears when she was talking about the “witch-hunting” abuse she had received during Kara’s early days.

I thought she might be able to say more about him as a person because she filmed at least 3 ‘Nodaji’ episodes with him and is also a Korean-American….Maybe it was edited out for her safety…And I guess it wasn’t her place to say what kind of person he was since the discussion was about the bigger, surrounding issue….


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