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Park Jin Young confesses, “WonderGirls and I don’t play around well these days”

Producer singer Park Jin Young (37) talks about the WonderGirls members going into adolescence period.

He was on MBC FM4U ‘Kim BumSoo’s Dream Radio’ on 11th December when he said, “Like how people would normally not play (have fun) with their parents as much after they enters adolescence, it is the same case for the WonderGirls, we don’t play around as much anymore.”

Also on the show, Park Jin Young sent out text messages to the singers under him the message ‘Who am I to you?’. And 2AM Jo Kwon answered ‘An existence close to god’, Kim TaeWoo replied ‘The father of my life’, Son HoYoung replied ‘My ideal type’.2PM Nich Khun also gave a cute answer ‘The teacher who likes the rice cake I bought’.

Park Jin Young also revealed on the show, “I like to work with people whom I like rather than sings well.” And these people are G.O.D, WonderGirls, 2AM and 2PM.


PS: It seems like the Newsis article left out Rain’s answer. Rain replied with, “Hyung, you sure you didn’t send this message to the wrong person?”


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