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2PM JunSu owes T-ara an apology for broadcast accident?

2PM JunSu owes an apology to group T-ara for a broadcast accident?

For T-ara’s performance of ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ on MBC Music Core on 12th December, a male’s voice was heard at the beginning. Many were curious whose voice it has belonged to and he is none other than 2PM JunSu.

2PM TaecYeon wrote on JunSu’s minihompy that day, “You should apologise to T-ara immediately for your ‘bbo pi bbo pi’.” 2AM Im SeulOng also wrote, “The moment I heard it I knew it is JunSu’s voice.”


and at T-ara performance, HyoMin does the heartbeat dance at 1:20

Junsu, you’re so cute! LOL.


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  1. […] Reported earlier, 2PM JunSu got into a broadcast accident where he was heard singing along to ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ while T-ara performs it. […]

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