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4Minute HyunA’s reaction when BEAST Lee GiGwang takes it off

Remember the article  about how female idol group members have picked 2PM TaecYeon as the #1 male idol member, especially when he rips off his top like how he did for ‘Heartbeat’ performance?

4Minute HyunA mentioned that she did not understand what is so nice about the taking off of the top and reveals her reaction when BEAST GiGwang takes off his top.

HyunA says, “I’m different from unnie. When unnie sees TaecYeon taking off his top, she gets nervous. There is BEAST from the same company. And GiGwang oppa would take off his top. My reaction was ‘Oh crazy guy. Why did he take it off?’. I would use my hands to cover my eyes. It’s really too much. Unnie you like that? I just think it looks too…. big”


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