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CL on ’swimsuit photo incident’, “Please give her a scolding”

2NE1 Sandara Park’s response after posting up a photo of fellow member CL in swimsuit.

She posted a photo of CL in swimsuit with the message on 9th December on her me2day, “Wassup?! *heartbeating* CL is now sleeping and I am sending this photo secretly! For the BlackJack!ㅠThis was taken in the waiting room! 씨Since CL is an IT illiterate, she won’t know!ㅋIt’s all a secret!ㅋShhh! Sexish Rin~~~!Come on~!”

Netizens’ responses to the photo took 2 extremes – some thought that CL look sexy in the swimsuit while some thought that it is too revealing for her.

CL then posted again that day on me2day, “DalOngie is crazy, please give her a scolding” uploading a photo of herself, showing that she is not an IT illiterate.


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  1. You write interesting posts. I like it 🙂

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