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Park Jin Young shows affection to DaeSung, “I want to bring you with me to my company”

Singer Park Jin Young shows his affection for junior singer DaeSung.

On SBS Family Outing on 13th December, JYP Entertainment CEO cum singer Park Jin Young was one of the guest appearances on the show.

On the show, Park Jin Young faced ‘rivalry’ YG Entertainment singer DaeSung in one of the games featured. The match between the 2 in the mudflats has roused laughters, and DaeSung was seen showing his strength in winning the match.

And when Park Jin Young and DaeSung were preparing for dinner together that day,DaeSung joked “Here (in Family Outing), there is no CEO or whatever. To speak the truth, I’m one of the founder members of Family Outing and I’m losing power.”

Park Jin Young then said, “When I first saw you, you were smiling so brightly, I really like it and I really wanted to bring you with me to my company.”

And then DaeSung said, “I want to advance into the American music market.” and he started dancing to WonderGirls.

On the other hand, Park Jin Young also talked about how he and Yang HyunSeok had talked about the pride of their singers and did a dance battle between Se7en and Rain, 2PM and Big Bang. And Rain and Big Bang were both the winners to the dance battles.

With that DaeSung said, “I heard that JYP had lost 2-0 to YG. But I was not there then” causing laugthers during the filming.


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