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“Beast” wants child actress ShinAe to remember their names

Idol group ‘Beast’ member DooJoonYeoSeob and maknae DongWoon took a photo together with MBC sitcom ‘HighKick Through the roof’ child actress ShinAe (Seo ShinAe) !

“Beast” maknae Son DongWoon released the photo via his minihompy on Dec 13 under the titled of “ShinAe Annyong” which of course dragged netizen’s attention right after that!

DongWoon also wrote a post, and it goes like this :

“Don’t call us oppa, but remember our name as well ^^ And, come to the waiting room more often ~”

“Beast” member Lee GiKwang is also one of the cast for the sitcom. And, the media said that “Beast”  youngest member has shown such a unique way to get their names remembered by the child actress.

Meanwhile, the netizens’ comments about the pictures are vary: “I want to be ShinAe”,” I envy ShinAe”, “ShinAe, oppa wants you to remember their names.”, etc.



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