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2PM’s Jaebum Wins First Place with Art of Movement at a B-Boy Dance Battle

Jaebum, Seattle [USA] B-Boy Dance Battle First Place becomes “the talk of the town”

2PM’s former member Jaebum has been seen in Seattle performing at a dance battle which fans seen and have been cheering for him.

On the 13th, a video of Jaebum and his fellow members dancing at a dance battle was uploaded onto Youtube. This was through a B-Boy competition called WINTER NIGHTS in which Jaebum participated in.

The team Jaebum is in is called AOM (Art Of Movement). Everyone in the group has their uniform of a black t-shirt with their names on it, which stands out to the crowd. It was known that Jaebum’s fans produced the shirts and gave it to them. Through Jaebum and his team mates skills they got first place.

In the video you can see Jaebum in a black beanie as he watches the other B-Boys and takes the floor on his own, displaying his dancing skills. In the middle of the video you can also hear Jaebum’s laugh and voice. As you can see the recent conditions of Jaebum through the video fans have quickly responded to the video and spread the news.

As fans see the video some comments were about cheering Jaebum on, the comments said were:

  • “He looks very happy dancing and watching other dance”
  • “I am very proud as I haven’t seen Jaebum in a long time”
  • “His dance skills have been outstanding but I think they have gotten better”
  • “I am satisfied that he is slowly winning (being able to overcome the situation) as I thought he would be having a hard time”
  • “It is good that he is taking his time to think about his feelings while working hard and doing what he likes to do”

But, as leader Jaebum withdrew from the group the six members have started their activities with the single “Heartbeat” ranking number 1 on various music programs, delivering their cheerful selves with the repeated lyrics to the song. Also, raising their popularity by the CF song “My Color”.

C: Nate, jina_bing_bang@2ONEDAY.COM

Here’s the vid:



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