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Park JinYoung confesses, “When I look at TaeYang and TaeYeon, I instinctively want to produce for them”

Recently coming back as a singer, Park Jin Young reveals that he wants to produce for idol singers Big Bang TaeYang and So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon.

He was on MBC ‘Yoo JaeSeok and Kim WonHee’s Let’s Play’ aired on 14th December when he revealed that.

On the show, Park Jin Young said, “For the case of female solo singers, I want to attempt different styles” and revealed that Lee Hyori is the #1 singer he wishes to produce for. He then picked Big Bang TaeYang at #2, “Even though there are many who can dance well, very few can play with the rhythm. Normally there are the black dancers, but TaeYang dances really well. When I look at such a friend, I instinctively want to produce a song for him.”

Park Jin Young also added, “For me, as compared to someone who can sing well, I like a singer whom you can’t tell the difference when he/she is singing and is speaking. And a while back, I saw So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon sing, and I want to produce for her.”



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