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It’s been 100 days since JaeBum left Korea

It’s been 100 days on 16th December since JaeBum left Korea previously on 8th September.

It all started when his messages like “Korea is gay” and “I hate Koreans” written on his MySpace 4 years ago were exposed on 5th September amongst netizens. After the incident, JYP Entertainment issued out an apology, but after just 3 days, the leader of group 2PM has left the group and boarded the airplane heading home to his hometown Seattle.

And as a 6-member group, ‘2PM without JaeBum‘ won the TOP 10 awards during 2009 Melon Music Awards at their 3rd award ceremony of the year. Of course, during their thankyou speech, member TaecYeon mentioned JaeBum.

In the 100 days that JaeBum has left Korea, you can neither call it a long or short period of time, many things have changed.

The public has gained sympathy after all the anger on his MySpace message, and there are calls for JaeBum to return. Even though 2PM has been doing well up on various music charts, there are still 2PM fans who are waiting for JaeBum’s return and still engaging in certain boycott activities.

Even though 2PM puts up great performances as 6 members performing their latest hit ‘Heartbeat’, during their performance of ‘Again & Again’ at on of the award ceremony, the group left an empty space for JaeBum, and it had seemed so awkward.

Park JinYoung has also revealed on MBC Golden Fishery that, “JaeBum will return as part of 2PM” previously. The other 2PM members have also not forgotten to mentionJaeBum when they received awards on various music shows. It is because he is the leader who will return one day. And the leader role in 2PM has been left empty.

Recently, a video of JaeBum winning at a B-Boy competition was revealed online. Netizens who have seen the video have commented, “I really miss the 2PM withJaeBum“, “It would be good if JaeBum returns” etc.

It has been 101 days since JaeBum left. How much time will remain until the day thatJaeBum returns? We hope to see him return before the next 100th day comes.

S: MTStarNews

It’s been 100 days.. Ahhh..

Miss you LeadJa..


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