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Rain, “MBLAQ is my first and will be my last production”

Singer Rain gives a shocking confession about group MBLAQ groomed personally by himself as his “first and last producing.”

Rain had a fanmeeting ‘Rain on Christmas’ on 17th December in Seoul KangNamGoo with readers of HighCut magazine. He said, “Perhaps, these friends (MBLAQ) will be the first and last that I will produce. I just want to give hope to these kids. I have been through times when I want to dance but I have no money and can’t do so. Now I’m just giving my help to these kids.”

He continued, “The road that I’ll walk is still very far. As an actor, I still have many to improve on, and as a singer I still need to work harder to do better. I still have so far to go, and who am I teaching now? If MBLAQ does well, doesn’t mean that I can produced out other kids too?” and spoke with hope.

He ended, “First, I want to concentrate on these friends (MBLAQ), and then concentrate on myself” expressing the wish to mature as an entertainer. But he continued, “But then again, you would know. I may just change my mind some day.”



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