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After School UEE is MBLAQ Mir’s ‘Honey’?

MBLAQ Mir shows some affection for After School UEE.

Mir was on MBC Every1 ‘Idol Season 5′ aired on 16th December when he showed some affection for UEEMBLAQ had their appearance on variety shows just 2 months into their debut and is doing well at that.

Go EunAh’s little brother Mir and member Lee Joon talks about an episode  between them regarding female idol groups.

After watching KARA’s ‘Honey’, Lee Joon has shouted “Honey (in Korean)”  and youngest member Mir replied instantly “UEE“. And when explaining why he answered “UEE“, Mir explained to Lee Joon that usually when he shows affection to UEE, he would shout “Honey”.

With that netizens have commented with “so cute”, “she is after all nicknamed with ‘honey thighs’.” etc

Meanwhile, on the show member Thunder’s underwear, Lee Joon’s naked back and SeungHo’s semi-naked body are also revealed.


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