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‘Chic-dols’ MBLAQ, really?

Rain’s boyband’ MBLAQ were called ‘chic-dols (chic idol)’ since their debut. They were also featured in several magazine and photoshoots looking chic, cool and fashionable.

But recently, netizens have been asking the question “MBLAQ the chic-dols, really?”.

Go under the cut to find out why.

It’s because their dorkiness and craziness has been becoming more obvious than the chicness these days.

Here are some of their recent photos on radio shows etc.

Especially for maknae, Mir who is seriously amazing to watch.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “They are so funny, I like them”
  • “Thunder looks even prettier now with a pama”
  • “Hahah Mir is so cute”
  • “Mir is like a puppy”
  • “Mir is the best”
  • “Because they are funny, I thought I like them more now”

MBLAQ is a really dorky bunch off-stage and off-camera but when they are on stage and in front of the camera again, it’s charisma overflow.

And for those who still insist on seeing the ‘chic-dols’, here they are!



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