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‘Fake’ Big Bang group? “They are just a group under Korean style of training”

After discussion of overseas ‘fake’ or parody groups following Korean girlgroups likeSo Nyeo Shi Dae and 2NE1 posted up recently online, another overseas group has caught the attention of netizens – and they are called the ‘fake’ Big Bang group.

The members of this group, Ok-Bang, are seen in similiar concept with that of Big Bang and they are now one of the hot issues in China.

With such Chinese idol groups so similar to that of Korean idol groups, what is the public opinion?

Following this, according to those posted up by the Chinese media, the opinions have been positive. Chinese media are quoted saying, “It seems that the Chinese music industry has adopted the training system which the Korean music industry is using. For the case of Ok-Bang, they received training like that of the Koreans. The group’s management company in Beijing has hired Korean trainers. With that, they are equipped with similar skills in terms of vocal training and choreography.”

But as for the netizens, their opinions are however not as positive. There were some Chinese netizens who welcomed this new generation of idols while there were some who said, “Ok-Bang is like the fake version of Big Bang” etc.

Meanwhile, as for the domestic netizens, the topic about Ok-Bang has been said to be more of an entertainment rather than blame topic.


Earlier, Chinese So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘parody’ groups were the topic amongst netizens

And also there was Thai version of 2NE1 ‘Candy Mafia’


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