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Composite bank note with 2PM Nich Khun’s face gives netizens a good laugh

Recently a composite bank note photo that greets the customers at a certain bank in Korea has been the topic amongst netizens. Reason being that on the bank note, there is 2PM member Nich Khun’s face superimposed onto it.

A netizens has posted the photo on an internet bulletic board, and it shows Nich Khun’s face superimposed onto 50K KRW note, replacing the original Shin SaImDang’s face. And netizens are calling the note ‘Khun SaImDang’.

Also written on the bank note are the words DooShi Bank, 2PM, DaeHyungGyeon. With that, netizens’ responses were ‘Don’t look alike!’, ‘Don’t look like Khun’, ‘I see Khun!’, ‘The bank has great sense!’ etc.

Meanwhile, 2PM is currently promoting their hit song ‘Heartbeat’.



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