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2PM and Park Jin Young’s appearance on SBS ‘Kim JungEun’s Chocolate’

Coming back as 6 members, 2PM had their first appearance on variety show SBS ‘Kim JungEun’s Chocolate’ aired on 19th December. They have been only on music shows since their comeback.

They not only performed their own hits like ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Only You’, ‘Again & Again’ and ‘I Hate You’, they also performed christmas songs ‘Like Christmas’.

Also go under the cut for Park Jin Young’s appearance on the show.

‘Again & Again’


‘I Hate You’

They also talked about their Christmas wish

Park Jin Young’s appearance:


Taec said, “Are you doing well? I’m not.. I need you.”

And see how they gather and left a gap. They’re saying they need Jay. And how Junsu and Wooyoung points to the centre (gap) is where Jays suppose to stand.

Dear Santa, please grant us our wish and get us our leadja back..


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