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Dong Bang Shin Ki ranked #3 on Oricon annual rankings with over 90.3KRW worth of album singles sold in 2009

Popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki is the #3 top selling artistes in Japan amongst the others domestic artistes there.

According to Oricon on 18th December, Dong Bang Shin Ki is ranked #3 after Arashi and EXILE for ‘2009 Oricon Annual Ranking’ in terms of singles, albums and DVD sales. At #4 and #5 are rock group B’z and The Beatles.

Arashi has sold over 14.46billion yen worth of singles and albums, while EXILE has sold over 12.93 billion yen worth in year 2009. At #3, Dong Bang Shin Ki has sold over 6.89 billion yen (or in KRW 90.3billion) worth of album and singles in the past 1 year.

What also caught the attention of many is that Oricon has introduced the group as “Dong Bang Shin Ki, which continues to grow and leap even the more in 2009… All their items were well received, and hence they are one group which is accepted greatly by fans this year.”



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