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Personal trainer for SNSD clarifies, “Daily diet intake is not 800kcal, but 1200kcal!”

So Nyeo Shi Dae’s diet intake is 1200kcal and not 800kcal”

Recently, So Nyeo Shi Dae members’ diet was revealed on MBC ‘VJ Special Behind Story’, and many were shocked to find that the members take in about 800kcal a day.

But the celebrity specialty personal trainer A Team representative Kim JiHoon trainer came out to say, “Broadcast shows tend to exaggerate.”

It is known that the members take in 1200kcal and 6 main nutrients according to the metabolism rate. And when the girls are preparing for concert and also doing exercise, the reduction in intake will not be as much.

And it is revealed that exercise and others is the key to prevent the yo-yo effect rather than controlled diet.

For member Yuri who has been praised by netizens to have a healthy shape has a metabolism rate of 1150kcal and so she takes in 1200kcal per day. divided over 4~5 meals.

Kim SooChang trainer and Kim JiHoon representative would change the members’ diet and body design every day. And the girls have been quite burnt out over the preparation of their Asian concert and also for performances on various award ceremonies lately.

For their concert, the girls have to wear belly T and also various bodyline-showing clothes, and member Yuri will receive body design training everyday for that. Kim JiHoon representative has chosen boxing training for Yuri so that she can get her sexy and charismatic image and features for the concert.

It is revealed that the other members’ diet is similar to Yuri’s – consisting of Sweet potatoes, bananas, bell tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, chicken breast meat, certain nuts, milk and soy milk.



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