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C.N.Blue gives their fans a Christmas Treat!

SBS Drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ popularity is indeed giving a good effect to one of the cast Jung Younghwa. Him and his band C.N. Blue will give their fans some Christmas Treats.

It is known that even before their official debut a Fan Club is already established due to the band popularity thanks to the drama. And as a Christmas treat, the band wants to repay the fans support by confirming their debut via an MV release.

FNC Music says that C.N. Blue will shoot their Debut MV in Ilsan from Dec 24 (8pm) untill Dec 25 (5 am) together with their fans.

FNC Music,” The band will feature their fans in their debut MV, and these fans were gathered previously through an online recruitment”.

C.N. Blue will also hold a small event and (or) fanmeeting to the recruited fans who will spend their time and effort for the MV filming despite the late hour and the cold weather.

Meanwhile, C.N.Blue is set to release their music video as well as their debut mini album in early January of 2010.

s: thestar chosun


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