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New boyband Child Of Empire for official debut in January next year!

Known as the big3 upcoming boybands with BEAST and MBLAQ, group Child Of Empire will have their debut next year in January!

The group which have been gaining popularity through cable channel reality program will have their official debut. Initially the group has been called ‘rivals’ to new idol groups BEAST and MBLAQ, but their debut was pushed back much to many fans’ disappointment.

The group recently did their MV filming in GyeongGiDo. With that, they has been preparing for their debut coming January. Much anticipation to their debut and upgrade in dance and vocal skills since the group members have shown its capabilities through their appearance on the reality program.

In addition, the group has received’lovecalls’ for CF even before debut and the group has also done filming for 3~4 CF before their official debut coming up strong as a newcomer group.

A staff revealed, “The boys will show vocal and performance better than what fans will expect. Even though their debut was pushed back, they have been preparing for it. And they have been waiting for their debut.”



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