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Park ShinHye on a mission to spread some love in Nepal!

It is known that actress Park ShinHye has recently visited a village Tapatali in Nepal.

She is there to personally deliver fan-prepared stationery for children in the village. Even though by country policy, many children got the chance to go to school there, many facilities were still lacking for the children.

She also visited the homes of the needy and took care of a 12-year-old child’s sibling and their mother. In addition, she also went down to the quarry to help out workers who live in the slums, carrying the rocks and a big hammer with her small hand.

Park ShinHye even worn the Santa Clause costumes making Christmas happen in the village by giving out presents and taking photo – making this Christmas a special one for the kids who only know about Christmas through stories told by others.

She said, “Looking at the smiles of the children who live in such difficult situation, I wanted to spread more love so I joined this volunteering project. But I felt sorry about that because I felt I have received more love.”

S:Chosun Daily

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