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SNSD TaeYeon, “There were 14 male celebrities who courted me, but the worst was…”

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon talked truthfully about her experience of being confessed to and chased after by male celebrities.

She revealed on SBS Strong Heart aired on 22nd December, “I have always been asked how many male celebrities have confessed to me during interviews. There are actually 14 of them.”

She added, “Of them, there is one who gave me much stress. Around last year, he called using a number I didn’t know. I thought it was a joke, he didn’t even call back to clear things and then a message came. It turned out that he is a big seonbae whom she only knows by name and face.”

TaeYeon said, “After that, we had continued to keep in touch like normal. And he would call in the middle of the night when he is all drunk and moody. He would also talk to the people around me to find out about my private life. I really could not take it anymore and told him ‘(in causal language) What are you trying to do? There is no meaning to continue to keep in touch’.”

But the seonbae then replied, “You still need to continue your celebrity life, how can we stop keeping in touch”

TaeYeon added lastly, “I was worried because the seonbae has said that purposedly. But I hope he would not do that to other juniors.”

Meanwhile TaeYeon revaeled of the 14 who have confessed and chased after her, “My ideal type of guy is one with wide shoulders, and of them there is one who moved me. But I have to refrain from my feelings.”


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