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Chinese netizens’ responses to Super Junior HanKyung’s case?

Recently making headlines after it was known that Super Junior HanKyung had filed for application of provisional disposition of contractual terms against his management company SM Entertainment, what are the responses from the Chinese netizens?

There was a survey done up on a portal site in China with the survey questions asked “Do you support HanKyung leaving Super Junior?” and “Why do you think thatHanKyung wants to terminate his contract?”

With that, 57% of the netizens voted that they “Support HanKyung leaving the group. There is more room for development if he does solo” while 24% of the netizens voted “I object. Super Junior is one.”

And as for the reason for HanKyung’s request for contractual termination, 46% of the netizens voted “Contract terms unreasonable” and 24% voted “Don’t know. There may be more to it”. 20% voted “He wanted to do solo careers”, 6% voted “Difference in thinking with company” and 5% voted “Want to focus on Chinese promotions”.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has revealed that they will try to settle the case with HanKyung through communication.


FYI: 11% voted “I’m feeling confused, still cannot understand” and 8% voted “Not interested” on question to whether they support his leaving the group.


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