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Lee ByungHun VS WooYoung – who wore it better? Netizens think WooYoung wore it better

Lee ByungHun of drama ‘IRIS’ and 2PM WooYoung were seen wearing the same knitted cardigan.

The photos comparing the 2 in the same cardigan was posted up on an internet discussion board.

There were netizens who commented on the cardigan on Lee ByungHun, who has shown his good physical build through his latest drama ‘IRIS’, “He’s Lee ByungHun after all”. And in the photo, he can be seen with his trademark smile, and his whole image more matured looking as compared to 2PM WooYoung.

WooYoung had worn that during his MCing on SBS Inkigayo, he had paired the cardigan with a red bow while Lee ByungHun had paired it with checkered bow.

And comparing the 2 in the same cardigan, netizens say, “It’s the same clothes, but totally different feel”, “In anyway, because WooYoung is younger, he seemed to pull it off better”, “Lee ByungHun is really cool, but the cardigan was just alright” etc.


Yes, I think Udong wore it better 🙂


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