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2009 Idol Special for MBC Music Core 26.12.09

MBC had a 2009 idol special for MBC Music Core on 26th December with various stages by singers who had made topics in 2009 with their Kpop hit songs.

Also on the show, So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon was seen doing a parody of 2PM TaecYeon’s opening for ‘Heartbeat’ during their performance of ‘Gee’.

Go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

Hot 6

  • Super Junior with ‘Sorry, Sorry’ remix version
  • So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Tell Me Your Wish + Gee’
  • 2PM with ‘Heartbeat + Hate You’
  • SHINee with ‘Get Down + Ring Ding Dong’
  • KARA with ‘Honey’
  • Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Abracadabra’

Twinkling Star

  • T-ara with ‘T.T.L + Bo Peep Bo Peep’
  • 4Minute with ‘MUZIK’
  • After School with ‘DIVA + Because Of You’
  • BEAST with ‘Bad Girl + Mystery’

Best of Ballad

  • Baek Ji Young with ‘Hit By A Bullet’

All About 2009 !

  • KARA Ji Young and SHINee Onew MinHo sums up hits from SNSD Jan hit ‘Gee’ till 2PM  Dec hit ‘Heartbeat’!

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