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2AM Jo Kwon confessed, “Skinship? I’m a ‘beast’ too.”

2AM Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn were seen having some skinship and little love fights on MBC We Got Married on 26th December.

The 2 were heading to the recording room to record their duet song ‘We Fell In Love’ and were talking about one of the interviews they did on the show.

GaIn said, “You said you would normally imagine having skinship with me? And that you would feel excited when you put your arm around me? What kind of imagination were you at?”. And Jo Kwon answered, “We are a married couple, I can’t even imagine?”

With that GaIn said, “I thought you are innocent and pure, but you are just like other men.” And Jo Kwon later revealed in his individual interview, “I’m also a man, am I not the same as the others? She says this only to me.”

Meanwhile, the 2 had met with pretty composer Kim YiNa and Jo Kwon could not take his eyes off her causing GaIn to feel jealous. GaIn then warned, “(Jo Kwon) is not as pure and innocent as he seems” and Jo Kwon then confessed, “I’m a ‘beast’ too.” and they broke into laughters.

Love this two~!!! KwIn couple~!


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