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After School JungAh 4 years back as part of Kis FIVE gets netizens’ attention

After School member JungAh 4 years back as part of group Kis FIVE has recently become the topic amongst netizens, even though interests on the topic have came late.

Kis FIVE was known as a 5-member group consisting top models like ‘Racing Queen’Choo MiJung and K-1 round girl Kang Hana, and they debuted in 2005 with the title song ‘Show Time’.

The MV to the song showed each of the members’ charms and their dance capabilities. JungAh used to be from SZ and then later on she had joined the group as the main vocal. And back then in the MV, she has shown a different set of charms of her, seen with long hair and fair skin.

Netizens who have seen the MV said, “I’m shocked, it didn’t seem like JungAh”, “It seems she is prettier back then”, “Pretty” etc.

Meanwhile, JungAh is currently promoting as part of After School and they are promoting their recent song ‘Because Of You’ which is up #1 on music sites for the 3rd consecutive week.

S: TVReport

The MV to ‘Show Time’ – JungAh seen in green top

JungAh now:

JungAh then:


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